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Fill out a quick DS3 Line quote on the right. Use our expert consultants to locate the best DS3 Pricing for your business. We are your source for searching and comparing one DS3 Line to another so you can continue your business knowing your connection is stable and cost effective DS3 pricing. Our quick Ds3 pricing quote is not just limited to DS3 Line Providers. An alternative to these services sometimes is Private Ethernet service, which we can recommend to you after you submit your quote request.

We also provide information and solution plans for T1, T3, DS1, OC3, OC1 and DS3 Providers. Compare from up to 30 different carriers and find the special pricing and service suited for your business. Switch to a better pricing plan and continue with your business!

You have come to the right place if you are seeking the best DS3 on high speed Dedicated DS3 service:

DS1 Lines
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OC3 Lines
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OC12 Lines

Compare and find the best DS3 Pricing and cost throughout the Continential United States, and your corporate office will receive it.

DS3 Service -Types of DS3 that are common:

  • Fractional DS3 - Avaliable at 3Mbps, 6Mbps, 10 Mbps, 15 Mbps and 22 Mbps - Dedicated DS3 Pricing at different DS3 Connection levels.
  • Full DS3 Line (Full T3 Line or DS3 Private Line) - 45 mbps DS3 Line - Dedicated DS3 Pricing to allow 100+ users. A DS3 Connection can also be used for point to point access.
  • Multiple DS3 Line -DS3 Pricing for high-capacity PBX connectivity between multiple locations. One can also opt for Bonded DS3, to aggregate bandwidth and save on tel co. costs!

Do you want to keep your business

The following Dedicated DS3 options may be available in your area:

Point to Point DS3 or DS3 Private Line
Bonded DS3 or Multi Site DS3
Point to Point DS3 to Gig-E Colocation
Integrated DS3 for Voice Data Phone Systems or PBX

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DS3 Line, DS3 Line Connection, DS3 Line Service, DS3 Providers:

DS3 Line is a component of the Digital signal X series of standard digital transmission rates. Digital Signal X series are levels based on DS0, a transmission rate of 64 kilobits per second. Both the North American T-carrier system and the European E-carrier system of transmission use the DS line series as a base multiple. The carrier system carries the digital signal. DS3 line has a digital signal rate of 44.736 Mb/s under the North American T3 designator and a digital signaling rate of 32.064 Mb/s under the Japanese T3 designator. DS3 Line is synonymous with T3 line. DS3 is perfect for large corporate offices allowing thousands of users to connect without causing any major problems.
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DS-X Line, Digital Signal X Line:

Digital signal X is a term for the series of standard digital transmission rates or levels based on DS0, a transmission rate of 64 kilobits per second (Kbps), the bandwidth normally used for one telephone voice channel. Both the North American T-carrier system and the European E-carrier system of transmission operate using the DS series as a base multiple. The digital signal is what is carried inside the carrier system.
DS0 is the base for the digital signal X series. DS1, used as the signal in the T1 carrier, is 24 DS0 (64 Kbps) signals transmitted using pulse-code modulation (PCM) and time-division multiplexing (TDM). DS2 is four DS1 signals multiplexed together to produce a rate of 6.312 Mbps. DS3, the signal in the T3 carrier, carries a multiple of 28 DS1 signals or 672 DS0s or 44.736 Mbps. Digital signal X is based on the ANSI T1.107 guidelines. The ITU-TS guidelines differ somewhat. The following table summarizes the set of signals and relates them to the T-carrier and E-carrier systems.
In addition to finding the lowest cost DS3 Pricing, our consultants will assist you with DS3 Line ordering, installation, and provisioning of your service.

In addition to DS3 pricing for a DS3 Line we are also able to offer affordable network consulting services as well as managed services for your network. Just ask about our services!

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